Cabeca de vehlo Success Story



Cabeca de vehlo is a school with 4 541 students of which 2 298 are girls, 2 306 boys and 60 teachers using only  4 sanitary blocks with 4 latrines each, and 2 latrines for the teachers in precarious conditions  It is in Chimoio Mozambique . The septic tanks for the school were full and some students end up practicing open defecation. The school gets water from open wells surrounding the school and a community borehole which is more than a mile away from the school.  This situation  became a health hazard for the students and community surrounding the school.

Previous toilets and water sources 

Watsan Mozambique in Partnership with Village Water intervened in Cabeca de Vehlo situation and managed to construct modern water flush toilets as well as water system with 10000 liter water tank ,solar system and handwashing facility for the school.


New hand wash sinks and toilets after the intervention by Watsan and Village Water

The students ,teachers, community ,government  and local stakeholders were very grateful for the efforts and work being done  for schools in Manica Province and wish this support is also given to many other schools around Manica province and Mozambique as a whole