Sophia Rosa Masola’s experience

My name is Sophia, I am 15 years old. I am in the 7th grade at 25 de Setembro primary school. I prefer to study during my spare time because I want to be a better person when I grow up. I stay with my mother and sister, my mother is a farmer .My dream is to become a nurse and work in a big hospital.

I have been part of the pad production and MHM training for the past four days. I learned a lot some of the thing that I learned are

  • Being smart when you are menstruating because poor menstrual hygiene causes health issues like infections.
  • Menstrual cycle takes 28days
  • Towel , pads and all intimate clothes should be extended in the sunlight
Sophia during MHM training session
Sophia first girl from the left at 25 de Setembro primary school after training


I liked the idea of making reusable pads, they are way better than the capulana (towels) that I normally use. They are comfortable and they are economic. I want to thank WATSAN for helping us and teaching us. Not forgetting the toilets and the water system that the organization donated to us. I have physical disability so using the Chipotti toilets was not even an option for me. Now I freely use the toilets because they are disability friendly. When I mess myself I just clean myself in the bathroom.

Sophia in class after MHM TRAINING